R&B Winter Menu


Quinoa & Avocado salad


€ 11.95
Goat cheese, avocado, quinoa, cherry tomato, basil pesto, lemon vinaigrette
Tomato beef, mozzarella, basil, aceto, olive oil-, sun dry tomato, olive.
Beef Carpaccio


€ 13.95
Goat cheese, Raw beef, rocket leaves, capers, olives, shaved parmesan, truffle oil Fresh ground pepper, balsamic reduction
Smoked Chicken fruit salad


€ 11.95
Goat cheese, Filet of chicken, apple, walnuts, grape, pineapple, celery, fennel, cherry tomato Honey Dijon dressing
Baby BBQ Ribs


€ 10.95
Goat cheese, Baby Pork ribs with our home made BBQ source, chips.
Goat cheese, Baby leaves greens, crispy prosciutto, Parmesan shaving, beetroot crisp, Gorgonzola
Crème fraiche, chive, smoked salmon, crab meat, rye toasted bread, beetroot, tangerine
Tuna Pate crostini


€ 9.95
Tuna, rustic bread, capers, gem lettuce, e. v. olive oil


Rolling Stone


€ 16.95
Stuffed avocado with poached eggs, wrap in pancetta, pan fried on bed of potato Pancake and mix baby greens, dress with honey Dijon sauce and crumble feta cheese
Rabbit ragu` Pappardelle


€ 19.95
Rabbit, prunes, onion, celery, carrots, red wine, cloves, tomato puree, pappardelle
Black Risotto


€ 16.95
Arborio rice, cuttlefish, parmesan cheese, red wine, onion, black ink, e. v. olive oil
Risotto wild mushrooms


€ 17.95
Arborio rice, wild forest mushrooms, marsala wine, shallots, parmesan cheese, cream
Gnocchi Pesto Genovese


€ 15.95
Potato dumpling, with pine nuts, basil, parmesan cheese, e. v. olive oil


oat cheese, mix grill vegetables, pesto, pine nuts, rustic bread.
Lasagna with spinach


€ 14.95
Classic Italian dish, spinach, tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, served with chips
Risotto Primavera


€ 14.95
Rice, mix vegetables, extra virgin olive oil

Sweet corner

Strawberry Tiramisu


€ 6.95
Served with fresh strawberry wiped cream
Served with wiped cream and caramelized banana
Hot chocolate Brownies


€ 6.95
Served with Oreo crumble, hot chocolate syrup and wiped cream
Ricotta cheese, candid fruit, chocolate chip, in crispy cannoli shell.
Stuffed with mascarpone cream, walnuts, and sweet syrup of balsamic
Vanilla, chocolate, strawberry
Ask your waiter


Tagliatta di Manzo


€ 16.95
Slice Sirloin steak, tomato relish, rocket leaves, country bread, flat mushrooms, onion rings, Bacon, chips, pepper sauce
Served with celery stick, carrots, blue cheese dip, chips
With peppers and cheery tomato, served over couscous and feta cheese.


€ 11.95
Flat mushrooms stuffed with cream cheese, fresh herbs, prosciutto, pine nuts Mozzarella cheese, on bed of rocket leaves, dress with balsamic glaze, served with chips
Pan fried calamari


€ 13.95
Fried calamari, sweet chilies sauce, chips
Roasted pecan, nutmeg, fresh cream, honey, homemade croutons


Sea bass fillet


€ 21.95
Pan seared sea bass with seafood ragu and mash, in light w. wine tomato sauce, served with Choice of vegetables of day or chips
Grill Salmon fillet


€ 19.95
Salmon fillet, lentils, fennel, Dijon sauce, cherry tomato on vine, chunky potato fry

Meat & Poultry

Pollo Milanese


€ 17.95
Pounded breast of chicken, breaded in panko crust, topped with freshly chopped Tomato, rocket, red onion, dressed with extra virgin olive oil and balsamic glaze
Grill Irish Lamb chops


€ 24.95
Served with couscous, cherry tomato, crumble feta cheese, chips and vegetables of day
Classic dish served to perfection, with onion rings, flat mushrooms, pepper sauce and chips
Served on bed of mash potato and rosemary red wine juice
€ 27.95
Slow cook joint of beef stuffed with garlic, pancetta, carrots, prunes served with Mash potato or Gnnochi pasta and beef gravy.
Grill Beef Fillet 8oz


€ 27.95
Classic dish served to perfection, with duck pate`, truffle oil, chips and vegetables
Plato de Carne (for 2)


€ 55.95
Mix grill meat (breast of chicken, sirloin steak, lamb, pork chop, sausages, pancetta, Meatballs, onion, mushrooms, peppers relish, chips)
1 Cereals, 2 Crustaceans, 3 Eggs, 4 Fish, 5 Peanuts, 6 Soybeans, 7 Dairy, 8 Nuts, 9 Celery, 10 Mustard, 11 Sesame seeds, 12 Sulphites, 13 Lupine 14 Molluscs

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